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Ruby Module

This module manages Ruby and Rubygems on Debian and Redhat based systems.


  • version: (default installed) Set the version of Ruby to install

  • gems_version: (default installed) Set the version of Rubygems to be installed

  • rubygems_update: (default true) If set to true, the module will ensure that the rubygems package is installed but will use rubygems-update (same as gem update --system but versionable) to update Rubygems to the version defined in $gems_version. If set to false then the rubygems package resource will be versioned from $gems_version


For a standard install using the latest Rubygems provided by rubygems-update on CentOS or Redhat use:

class { 'ruby':
  gems_version  => 'latest'

On Redhat this is equivilant to

$ yum install ruby rubygems
$ gem update --system

To install a specific version of ruby and rubygems but not use rubygems-update use:

class { 'ruby':
  version         => '1.8.7',
  gems_version    => '1.8.24',
  rubygems_update => false

On Redhat this is equivilent to

$ yum install ruby-1.8.7 rubygems-1.8.24