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void init_tinytds_client();
typedef struct {
short int closed;
short int timing_out;
short int dbsql_sent;
short int dbsqlok_sent;
RETCODE dbsqlok_retcode;
short int dbcancel_sent;
} tinytds_client_userdata;
typedef struct {
LOGINREC *login;
RETCODE return_code;
DBPROCESS *client;
short int closed;
VALUE charset;
tinytds_client_userdata *userdata;
const char *identity_insert_sql;
rb_encoding *encoding;
} tinytds_client_wrapper;
// Lib Macros
#define GET_CLIENT_USERDATA(dbproc) \
tinytds_client_userdata *userdata = (tinytds_client_userdata *)dbgetuserdata(dbproc);
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