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Bundled Plugins

  • Align – align blocks of text using equal sign, make comment boxes and more
  • bufexplorer – open buffers browser
  • camelcasemotion – move on CamelCase and under_scored words with w, b and e
  • endwise – support to close Ruby blocks such as ‘if’, ‘do’ with ‘end’
  • markdown – syntax highlight for Markdown
  • NERD_tree – project pane that you can open with [leader] p
  • rails – lot’s of tools to make it easier to manage your Rails projects
  • scss-syntax – SCSS syntax rules
  • supertab – pseudo auto-complete with tab
  • surround – add, change, remove surrounding parentheses, brackets, quotes, etc
  • syntastic – checks for syntax errors in many languages
  • taglist_45 – uses ctags to lay out source files structure
  • textile – syntax highlight for Textile
  • vim-coffee-script – Coffeescript syntax rules
  • vim-javascript-syntax – Enhanced javascript syntax and indentation
  • vim-preview – [leader] P previews Markdown, Rdoc, Textile, html. Requires Ruby and other gems.
  • vim-ruby-sinatra – syntax highlight for Sinatra
  • vim-ruby – syntax highlight, smart identation, auto-complete for Ruby
  • vim-textobj-rubyblock – smart block selection in Ruby code


Clone this repo into your home directory either as .vim (linux/mac) or
vimfiles (Windows). Such as:

git clone git://github.com/vjt/vimfiles.git ~/.vim

Then ‘cd’ into the repo and run this to get the snippets submodule:

git submodule init
git submodule update

Now you should create a new .vimrc file in your home directory that
loads the pre-configured one that comes bundled in this package. You can do it
on Linux/Mac using a symbolic link:

$ ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc .vimrc
$ ln -s ~/.vim/gvimrc .gvimrc

On Windows you should create a vimrc (underline instead of dot) and a
gvimrc and add the following line inside:


source ~/vimfiles/vimrc


source ~/vimfiles/gvimrc

Troubleshoot: Because of the large amount of submodules, if you ever have any
trouble after pulling from the repository, it will be easier to just back up
your old .vim folder and just git clone a new version.


git pull
git submodule foreach git pull

System-wide installation

  • OpenSUSE: clone this repository in /usr/share/vim/site and use the contained vimrc as /etc/vim/vimrc
  • Debian: clone this repository in /var/lib/vim/addons and create a /etc/vim/vimrc.local file containing `source /var/lib/vim/addons/vimrc`.

Help Tags

At first usage of vim, type “:” while in command mode and execute:

call pathogen#helptags()

This will make the plugins documentations available upon :help


You will need these dependencies figured out:

In Ubuntu, for example, you will have to do:

apt-get install exuberant-ctags ncurses-term

On Windows you have to download Ctags and add ctags.exe in your PATH.

Mac OS X and most Linux distros come with Ruby already. If you’re in Windows
look for Luis Lavena’s latest Ruby Installer (http://rubyforge.org/projects/rubyinstaller/)

Vim? WTF?

Visit the following sites to learn more about Vim:

There are many sites teaching Vim, if you know of any other that are easy
to follow for newcomers, let me know.


  • Original project and most of the heavy lifting: @scrooloose
  • All the cool plugins for Rails, Cucumber and more: @timpope
  • Hacks and some snippets: @akitaonrails