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A simple game for testing Your knowledge of languages.
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Connect the Words


This applet was made while learning the basics of Java. It is not to be treated as a finished product. Any damage that might be caused by this applet is unintentional and the author is not responsible for it.

>> Description <<

Connect the Words is a simple game for testing ones knowledge of languages.

The goal of The Game (which, btw, You just lost) is to clear each level by dragging words to their correct translation.

>> How it works <<

Words are loaded from two text files HRV.txt and ENG.txt. Those files contain the same words in Croatian and English in the same order.

On the first line in the HRV.txt is the number of words in both files that is used bi the game to define an array of the correct size.

The words are read, shuffled and drawn randomly on the screen, Croatian on the left, English on the right.

All words are dragable and when "picked up" have to be "dropped" on their translation or the player looses a life.

The game goes on until the player quits or looses all his lives.

The stat.txt file contains the players scores and is read each time the game starts. If there is no stat.txt file, the game creates it.

>> Future plans (maybe) <<

  1. Replace text files with a database
  2. Find a way to add more words without making the game to big
  3. Add more languages
  4. Create a proper UI

####{ Permission }

You have my permission to use this applet for non commercial purposes. All I ask is that You don't claim the applet as your own.


For any additional questions, feel free to contact me. :)

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