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PerCapita Web - AngularJS based web app for visualizing jobs data.
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PerCapita is a web application that visualizes top job market locations in the USA based on the skill set specified by the end-user. The target audience for this application is anyone who is looking for a job and is willing to relocate to a place that provides better employment opportunities. Example use case: Display on the map top metropolitan cities with most JavaScript jobs (or NodeJS, or Java, or Scala, etc.)

The major benefits of PerCapita are:

  • Using a principle—a picture worth a thousand words—it visualizes big amount of data, letting end-user visually compare different locations and comprehend the results.
  • It provides real-time data. Other solutions provide data quarterly or even annual summaries only.
  • It lets you filter the data based on your skill set.
  • It lets you register an account to save your favorite locations.


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Live Demo

Running the Project

Refer to: GulpJS

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