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A tool to backup attachments from Trello boards
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This tool will let you backup attachments from Trello boards. I believe Trello business class has an option to extract all attachments to a zip archive. If that is what you need you should definitely check it out. In my case, I needed to extract all attachments and place them into following folder structure: Board Name / List Name / Card Name / Attachment File. This project does just that.

How to use it

This application works in "offline" mode only. You would need to export your boards manually.

  1. Login to your Trello account as usual.
  2. Navigate to{BOARD_ID}.json and save that file to a local folder. Note, BOARD_ID is visible in the address bar when you open your board.
  3. Repeat step 2 for as many boards as you need. Place all JSON files in the same folder.
  4. This is a Java application so you would need to have Java installed on your computer.
  5. Using Maven you can compile/package source yourself . Or you can download zip archive from the release folder.
  6. Extract the archive.
  7. Open config/ file and change the properties.
  8. Warning: Every time you run this app it will erase backup folder and re-download all attachments. It will not do delta backups. If you want to keep the previous backup you would need to move it somewhere manually or change properties see step 7.
  9. Run the application from command line: java -jar trello-attachment-backup-0.1.jar
  10. Validate that the folders with attachments were created.

Future Plans

  • Fully automate this tool using Trello API and authentication mechanism this way you would not need to download json files manually. Some folks might not like that option as it would mean authorizing read-only access to your Trello account. An app that can be run in a sandbox without authorization sound more trustworsy. ;)
  • Extend the app to also save cards content: description, comments, checklists, links, etc.
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