Comprehensive Australian codeplugs for TYT MD-380 & MD-390
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md380-390 codeplug

MD380-90_All_AU_DMR+analog Comprehensive Australian codeplugs for TYT MD-380 and MD-390 This was originally developed by Matt, VK2MRC for the Goulburn and Southern Tablelands Amateur Radio Club. Anyone building on this Codeplug or forking, please acknowledge Matt VK2MRC and Det VK2KVP

Hotspot/Dongle Frequencies: Australian band plan assigns the following 70cm frequencies for Internet gateways:

The Australian Bandplan designates 439.125 and 439.150 for digital gateways (hotspots may be considered as such devices)

  • 439.125
  • 439.150
  • 439.200 is assigned for digital simplex operation.

For ease of initial setup and testing, the following manufacturers' default frequencies have been set in the codeplugs from v20:

  • DV4 Mini (DV4 channels): 436.000 MHz
  • DV Mega (DVm channels): 431.000 MHz

For MMDVM Simplex hotspots the following frequencies have been used:

  • HS-S vkdmr: 439.125 MHz
  • HS-S BML 439.175

Duplex boards need a receive and transmit frequency which, like repeaters, need several MHz separation. For MMDVM Duplex boards the following frequencies have been used:

  • HS_D vkdmr: Radio RX 439.95, Radio TX 432.950
  • HS_D BM: Radio RX 438.95, Radio TX 431.950

UHF CB Channels. In order to fit in all the new repeaters, from v20 onwards, AU UHF CB channels have been excluded. If you want to include these, you can merge the MD390-90_AU_UHF_CBv01 codeplug. Note that these radios are not type approved for UHF CB transmision. If these channels are included, they must be set to Receive-only mode.

Testing These codeplugs are provided "as is" without support. Use them at your own risk. They have been tested to work on the following handhelds with the TYT-Toolz firmware loaded. I have not tested them on machines with virgin firmware:

  • MD390 with GPS and new vocoder
  • MD380 with GPS and new vocoder
  • MD380 without GPS and new vocoder Data from these codeplugs may be used in other radio models using translation available in codeplug tools such as N0GSG's Contact Manager, Farnworth's editcp, or GB3GF CSV tools.

Editing Codeplugs All editing was conducted with G6AMU's DMR Codeplug Editor, and also uploaded to test transceivers using the same tool. The latest version is available from

Dale Farnworth's editcp was used to parse the codeplugs to identify invalid fields and cleanup. This is a very versatile codeplug editor which can also be used to translate codeplug formats for other devices. Linux and Windows versions aeavailable. It is available at:

N0GSG's DMR Contact Manager is another codeplug editor worthy of consideration, with support for a very wide range of radios. It is available at:

You can also edit these codeplugs using your favourite spreadsheet application and using the CSV files provided here. Tools to write the CSV files to codeplugs can be found at

To use these Codeplugs: Before you write these codeplugs to your radio, replace the callsign and DMR ID with your own in General settings.

Using Reflectors for DMR+ on MMDVM Repeaters. As with MMDVM hotspots, When using MMDVM repeaters to connect to DMR Plus talkgroups, use TG8. Then to change reflectors, enter the Private Call reflector code and transmit for a few seconds. An announcement through the DMR Gateway will confirm the active reflector. For convenience, this codeplug includes programming of the keypad fast dial keys as follows Key0->4800 (linked to VK-DRM TG505), Key1->4801 (linked to VK-DMR TG3801), Key2->4802 (linked to VK-DMR TG3802), and so on up to key 7, then Key8->4851 (linked to VK-DMR TG3851 NZ) and Key9->4000 Reflector Disconnect.

<Release Notes - MD380-80_All_AU_DMR+analog_v20 This is a complete re-write of the codeplug with the addition of mumerous new VK-DMR repeaters. Click on the zones.cvs file for a list of all the repeaters included in this release. The UHF CB channels have been deleted to provide space for the new VK-DMR repeaters and include 16 channels for each.

For each of the VK-DMR repeaters, the following channels have been included: 01 - 3801 ACT 02 - 3802 NSW 03 - 3803 Vic 04 - 3804 Qld 05 - 3805 SA 06 - 3806 WA 07 - 3807 Tas 08 - 3808 NT 09 - 3809 s1 10 - 505 AU 11 - 113 WW User activated 1 12 - 123 WW User activated 3 13 - 13 WWE 14 - 3810 s1 15 - 9 s1 16 - 8 s1

For MMDVM Hotspots, I have cerated four Zones "HS-S vkdmr", "HS-S BM", "HS-D vkdmr" and "HS-D BM". Channels in the "HS-S vkdmr" and ""HS-D vkdmr" zones are configured to optimally perform with the VK-DMR network servers, as discussed by Roger Clark at

Release Notes - MD380-80_All_AU_DMR+analog+CB_v15

  • Added VK-DMR repeaters: VK2RWI, VK4RBT, VK4RLU, VK4RSL, VK6RPT, VK6RLX, VK2RYS
  • Renamed DMR channels with prefix of repeater call sign
  • Renamed Brandmeister talk groups with prefix bm
  • Removed Brandmeister repeaters not on repeater status list at as at 02Aug18
  • Removed listings for callsigns not registered with ACMA as repeaters.
  • Added XLS file listing repeaters included in this codeplug.

Release Notes - MD380-80_All_AU_DMR+analog+CB_v13

  • Created Digital Rx Group for each Digital Contacts talk group and assigned corresponding Rx Group for each Digital Contact. This is to avoid other talk groups breaking through on a QSO. Promiscuous mode can be used to monitor multiple TGs.
  • Removed channels with private calls which were intended for changing DMR+ reflectors. This is better done using direct entry or programmed speed dial.

Release Notes - MD390_All_AU_DMR+analog+CB_v0.6

Release Notes - MD390_All_AU_DMR+analog+CB_v0.5

  • Changed frequency for DVmega channels to 439.150MHz
  • Changed channel names for DV4mini DMR+ reflectors to include talkgroup mapping.
  • Added Z1 channels on 439.1375 for ZUMspot or CHINspot 1
  • Added Z2 channels on 439.1775 for ZUMspot or CHINspot 2

Release Notes - MD390_All_AU_DMR+analog+CB_v0.4

  • Fixed VK6RGF changed channel list to Brandmeister network
  • Added Zone and Scan List for VK3RBA
  • Added Zones for CB41-56 and CB54-80
  • Added repeaters: VK2RTH, VK4RBK, VK6ZTG,
  • Removed unused Contact Groups

Release Notes - MD390_All_AU_DMR+analog+CB_v0.3

  • Fixed scan lists for 6RDM & 6RLM
  • Added DMR+ 4xxx and 9x TGs to Digital Contacts
  • Added DVmega chanels to Hotspot zone
  • Added DV4mini channels for DMR+ to Hotspot zone
  • Sorted zone list and scan lists alpha-numeric
  • added repeaters: VK2RMP, VK2RWW, 3SMC (BM), 3RBA (BM).