A little helper when looking for a new appartement. Crawls popular German rental pages and lets you explore the results on an interactive map.
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Appartement Search

This project was a little side idea I had while looking for new appartements. It is very time consuming to flip through pages and pages of appartement offers on different portals so I was wondering if there is a better way to get a quick overview. Currently the data gets crawled from immobilienscout42 and wg-gesucht which are two big German platforms to find an appartement.


The first step is to visualize some statistics over the city you are looking at appartements for.


For example I plot the average prices-size relation for the different areas of my city (Osnabrück) as a scatterplot or a histogram of all price-size relations to get a general idea of what is a good price in my area.


Then the appartements get visualized on an interactive map. Each appartement is a circle whose size represents the size of the appartment and the color represents the prize-size relation ship. A red dot therefore represents an appartement which is expensive for its size while a green dot represents an appartement with a good price. When clicking on a circle you can see the exact price and size and find a link to the original page to find more detailed information as well as pictures of the place.