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Changes in dev version
* new minor features:
- pointer position can be fixed
Changes in version 0.7
* new features:
- support for graph data structure
- support for pointer object
- support for 2D arrays (or, matrices)
- added path graphical primitive
- added support for relative positioning of objects
* new minor features:
- new functions add/remove/has/toggleClass() to data structures
- added general move/copy/swap effects
- new events jsav-init and jsav-recorded triggered
- enabled global options for JSAV and JSAV exercises
- easier to extend JSAV objects due to "proper" inheritance of types
- data structures Stack and Red-Black-Tree added to extras
- more unified API for all JSAV objects
- score widget for exercises in continuous feedback mode
* numerous bug fixes in grading, trees, bar array
Changes in version 0.6
* new features:
- support for pseudocode view
* numerous bug fixes
* new minor features:
- tree nodes now have a remove() function to remove that node
- tree node show/hide now work recursively and hide the whole subtree
- significant performance improvements in proficiency exercise grading
- customizable showing of score and a score widget in proficiency exercises
- enabled logging of student actions in JSAV visualizations
Changes in version 0.5
* new features:
- support for linked list data structure
* numerous small bug fixes
* new minor features:
- functions to access edges in a tree more easily
- possibility to call JSAV animation functions without recording the change
- support for gettings bounds() of a data structure
- support for 2-step layout; 1) calculating bounds without layout change, 2) update layout
Changes in version 0.4.3
* new features:
- absolute positioning of labels, variables and data structures is now possible
- labels can be attached to edges
* bug fixes:
- issue with changing array value in horizontal layout in Webkit based browsers fixed
- show/hide bug for data structures fixed
* new minor features:
- allow custom event binding for data structures
- allow data to be passed to event handlers for data structures
- added function JSAV.utils.rand.sample to get a random sample from an array
Changes in version 0.4.2
* Possibility to better control array styling
* Fixed a bug in tree positioning
* Added function isAnimating() to check whether an animation is playing
* Restructured data structure implementations into modules:
- array moved to array.js
- layouts moved to same module as DS implementation
* Added easier way to attach event handlers to the data structures
* Fixed a bug in array and tree value handling
Changes in version 0.4
* Support for tree and binary tree
* Support for vertical array layout
* Removed the initial support for binary search tree
* Documentation for graphical primitives
* Styling improvements to array visualization
* General swap effect added; swap now shows an arrow for the swapped elements
* License changed to MIT license.
For changes before version 0.3.1, see