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Issue and Project tracker build w/ NodeJs & React πŸ”₯. Wrapped with πŸ‹ Docker.
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vkasraj Dev (#8)
* server::src: fixed static paths

* client::form: connecting form to store

* client::project: add form connected to store

* client::component: added header back button

* client::issue: add form connected to store

* client::project: using header back button component

* client::issue: view wip

* client:πŸ“¦ upgraded mui

* client::app: upgraded @material-ui v3 => v4

* client::styles: replacing spacing styles with <Box/>

* client:dnd: now using ref forward in drag and drop childrens

* client:project: fixed column layout

* client:project: removed list card components and fixed some styling

* client:index: removed muiBootstrap file

* client:header: added search bar

* temp

* v3 final

* client: moved to cra v3

* client::app: removed all hook warnings

* client::header: indicator and filters wip

* client::assets: changed title

* client::subheader: sorting wip

* client::project&issue: using <Link/> for title

* client::project: renamed ProjectCard => ProjectColumn

* client::misc: removed dispatchEvent wrapping

* package: updated client and server dependencies

* server: only returning open issue and project

* client::subheader: replaced function with link when sorting and switching b/w open and close

* client::issue: now sending query params to backend

* client::project: now sending query params to backend

* server: filtering and sorting open/close project and issues

* client::auth: added caption below forms to change auth mode

* client::project: added icon with the date

* client::store: added batch update in http middleware

* server:: added validation in project and issue list

* server:πŸ“¦ replace joi with @hapi/joi

* docker: removed dev docker-compose file

* client: added back button in issue and project view

* client: added default query to issue and project list

* client::drawer: added mobile and desktop drawer

* server:project&issue: fixed empty list when q is null

* app: issue close/open final

* client::issue: replace comment area with form

* client::issue: fixed title form button overlapping

* server::validations: removed duplications validation schema

* client::store: fixed http middleware throwing error to console

* server::project: fixed template id validation

* client::forms: added validations

* client::router: removed extra component

* server::app: renamed app.js => app.routes.js

* server:token: changed cookie name

* server:πŸ“¦ added passport

* server::auth: added github auth

* app: packages updated

* server::auth: github oAuth final

* package: updated dependencies

* app: updated dependencies

* docker: removed nginx-proxy and debugging port

* server:auth: fixed login

* docker: added labels

* docker: commented nginx-proxy config in compose for reference

* docker: added node user

* client::issue|project: added edit form in side drawer

* docker: changed default command to use node instead of npm

* client::issue: title and description update final

* server::project: added update controller

* client::project: title and description update final

* app:πŸ“¦ updated dependencies

* client::issue: now showing updated at

* client::icons: moved all icons to icons folder

* client::routes: added lazy loading

* client::index: added roboto mono font

* client::drawer: now closing mobile drawer after clicking on item

* client::drawer: fixed styling and added lazy loading

* server::project: fixed updated time in get project

* client::edit-form: fixed loading button and drawer width

* client::drawer: fixed mobile drawer border radius and added rounded drawer list

* client::form: small form caption text

* client::form: bigger loading button indicated

* server::server: some changes in send index html

* server:πŸ“¦ added author info

* client::surface: changed surface sizing and added blockquote component

* client::sort: fixed login duplication

* client::issue|project: fixed edit button overflowing

* client::header: hiding add button on mobile

* client:drawer: fixed not hiding in some screen sizes

* client: moved individual components to Base components

* server::project|issue: fixed update validations

* client::project: fixed column overlapping in mobile

* package: updated dependencies

* server: added compression

* package: updated dependencies

* project: fixed layou

* landing: redirecting to login [temp]

* home: dummy layout

* client: routes and component changes

* package: updated dependencies

* issue: added open closed count

* project: added counts

* client: fixed issue and project empty screens

* auth: added some attributes

* server: folder structure changes

* server: added user dashboard route

* user: replaced /authenticate to /user

* dashboard: final

* package: updated dependencies
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client Dev (#8) Aug 5, 2019
server Dev (#8) Aug 5, 2019
.dockerignore v2 (#1) Apr 7, 2019
.gitignore v2 (#1) Apr 7, 2019
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