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Context Menu implemented in React
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!!! Looking for maintainers !!!

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React Contextmenu

ContextMenu in React with accessibility support. Live Examples can be found here

Table of contents


Using npm

npm install --save react-contextmenu

Using yarn

yarn add react-contextmenu

Browser Support

  • IE 11 and Edge >= 12
  • FireFox >= 38
  • Chrome >= 47
  • Opera >= 34
  • Safari >= 8


Simple example

import React from "react";
import ReactDOM from "react-dom";
import { ContextMenu, MenuItem, ContextMenuTrigger } from "react-contextmenu";

function handleClick(e, data) {

function MyApp() {
  return (

      <ContextMenuTrigger id="some_unique_identifier">
        <div className="well">Right click to see the menu</div>

      <ContextMenu id="some_unique_identifier">
        <MenuItem data={{foo: 'bar'}} onClick={this.handleClick}>
          ContextMenu Item 1
        <MenuItem data={{foo: 'bar'}} onClick={this.handleClick}>
          ContextMenu Item 2
        <MenuItem divider />
        <MenuItem data={{foo: 'bar'}} onClick={this.handleClick}>
          ContextMenu Item 3


ReactDOM.render(<MyApp myProp={12}/>, document.getElementById("main"));

see usage docs / examples for more details.


API docs



Who's using react-contextmenu?


All Contributors


For Changelog, see releases


MIT. Copyright(c) Vivek Kumar Bansal

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