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A Wordpress theme

Current Version: 1.0.3

This is a simple, clean wordpress theme designed for my own website and my two blogs. It is designed for my own sites only, and therefore only have the exact functionality I need for these sites. I have made the code public only for reference and as example code.

If you want to adapt the theme for your own use, feel free to clone the repository. Please refer back to this GitHub repository if you use major parts of the code or design.


  • Some of the branches and commits of this repository contain design elements based on stock images I have bought. The current version of the theme, however, does not.
  • Fonts used are all Google fonts.
  • The icons used for my academic work page for PDF and DOI links are based on the official icons or logos.
  • The layout of the Academic Work MySQL table, from which the page template builds its content, is not included in the repository,