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Version 2.1.1
* Change: file size and output body size restrictions
* Added feature: directive upload_pass_args enables forwarding
of request arguments to a backend. Thanks to Todd Fisher.
* Added feature: specifying list of void content types via
upload_void_content_types directive
Version 2.1.0
* Added feature: upload filters, unzip and discarding filter
* Added feature: guessing content type using file extensions
Version 2.0.6
* Fixed bug: zero variables in aggregate field name caused allocation
of random amount of memory. Thanks to Dmitry Dedukhin.
* Fixed bug: Prevent generation of a field in case of empty field name
Version 2.0.5
* Fixed bug: prevent leaking of file descriptor on a timeout.
Version 2.0.4
* Fixed bug: location configuration of upload_set_form_field and upload_pass_form_field
was not inheritable from server configuration.
* Added feature: directive upload_aggregate_form_field to pass aggragate properties
of a file like file size, MD5 and SHA1 sums to backend.
* Fixed bug: missing CRLF at the end of resulting body.
* Change: optimized out some unnecessary memory allocations and zeroing.
Version 2.0.3
* upload_store directive was not able to receive more than one argument.
As a result no hashed dirs for file uploads were possible.
* upload_store_access directive did not work at all. Permissions were
defaulted to user:rw. Thanks to Brian Moran.
* In case of any errors at the last chunk of request body only 500 Internal Server Error
was generated intead of 400 Bad Request and 503 Service Unavailable.
* Fixed copyrights for temporary file name generation code
* Fixed compilation issue on 0.6.32. Thanks to Tomas Pollak.
* Added directive upload_pass_form_field to specify fields
to pass to backend. Fixes security hole found by Brian Moran.
Version 2.0.2
* Fixed crash in logging filename while aborting upload
* Added feasible debug logging
* Added support for variables to generate form fields
in resulting request body
* Added missing logging of errno after write failures
* Simplified upload abortion logic; simply discarding
already added fields
* Now returning explicit error code after script failures
to be able to generate Internal server error