upload_store doesn't recognize variables defined by set #30

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mvrhov commented Feb 14, 2012

nginx has for sometime supported defining variables with set directive, this is really handy as you don't have to write the absolute path throughout the config file.

I have defined page_root variable in my server section e.g set $page_root /srv/www/......;
This variable expands just fine throughout of config, but the upload_store doesn't seem to recognize it.


It seems that problem is resolved with wd-2.2 branch. At least, following construction works like a charm:

location ~ /upload/(?<subdir>.+) {
    upload_store "/some_folder/$subdir";

When wd-2.2 will be merged? It looks like great feature suitable for a next release.

mvrhov commented Apr 6, 2012

I'm using latest version from 2.2 branch and upload_store $page_root/storage/upload 1; doesn't work.


you should use branch https://github.com/vkholodkov/nginx-upload-module/tree/wd-2.2 , this one works . You could merge it into 2.2 branch (git checkout 2.2 ; git merge wd-2.2)

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