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Automating UI Tests for WPF Applications Pluralsight course
Mon, 21 Sep 2015 11:21:51 +0000
Acceptance Tests
Coded UI
UI Tests
Automating UI Tests for WPF Applications Pluralsight course

My first course for Pluralsight went live!

In it, I talk about techniques and best practices for building a UI test suite for WPF applications.

During the course, I go through such topics as:

  • Why we should invest our time into UI tests in the first place.

  • Different types of manual tests and which of them we can automate.

  • The comparison of Coded UI from Microsoft and open source White from TestStack.

  • A domain-specific framework: what it is and why we should build it.

  • How to transform a UI test suite into human-readable documentation which is executed constantly and thus never gets outdated.

The samples and demonstrations are built with Yangi and KISS principles in mind, so the code is pretty easy to understand and yet is quite powerful in terms of creating an extensible and maintainable UI test suite.

Throughout the course, a sample WPF application is used with functionality close to that of real-world enterprise applications. It’s always hard to choose the sample application right. I tried to keep it simple so that the viewer is not overwhelmed with it. On the other hand, I tried to include the most widely spread use cases so that everyone could find something that reminds them of the project they work on. I hope I achieved some kind of a balance here.

You can watch the course on Pluralsight: Automating UI Tests for WPF Applications

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