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Light-weight tool for keeping track of your SQL database schema version
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Database upgrade tool

Light-weight tool for keeping track of your SQL database schema version


This is a database upgrade tool that works with .NET and SQL Server specifically. It is extremely light-weight: consists of only 4 classes (including Program.cs).

The best practices behind this tool are described in my Pluralsight course.

How to Get Started

To start applying the migration-based approach to database delivery, you need to create a baseline script (the script containing all the objects your database has so far) and place it to Migrations as "01_Base.sql".

After that, you need to adjust the connection string and you are good to go.

How to Use the Tool

The best way to use the tool is to copy it to your solution as a separate project:

Project structure

After that, you can add new migrations to the Scripts folder and execute them just by hitting F5:

Running the application

Warning! Don't forget to mark the files in the Scripts folder as Content, Copy Always:

Running the application

What if one of the scripts fails?

The tool executes the scripts in a transactional manner. If for example migration #4 contains an error which results in an exception, the tool will execute migrations 1, 2, and 3; migration 4 will be rollbacked entirely. The database would be marked as of version 3.


Apache 2 License

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