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Doc Discover and Share

##Supported versions

if your use ubuntu, see doc/

  • Postgresql should be installed and running

  • Redis should be installed and running

  • Cronie should be installed and running

  • ImageMagick should be installed

  • pngcrush should be installed. (development)

  • coreseek 4.1 should be installed, read Note: configure csft-4.1 add --with-pgsql option. /usr/local/coreseek/bin/indexer and /usr/local/coreseek/bin/searchd should be existed. /usr/local/mmseg3/etc/uni.lib should be existed.

  • Git should be installed

  • RVM should be installed and execute rvm install 1.9.3

  • Openssh

  • Sudo

##Make application run on your local

Clone the application from git server

> git clone

Enter the app directory

> cd doc_share

To install bendler and run bundle

> gem install bundler --pre
> bundle install

Copy yaml configuration files from example, after your need edit it.

> cp config/database.yml.example config/database.yml
> cp config/redis.yml.example config/redis.yml
> cp config/smtp_settings.yml.example config/smtp_settings.yml

To run this rake, it init application > bundle exec rake db:create:all > bundle exec rake app:dev:init

Processing your Index

> bundle exec rake ts:index

To run foreman

> foreman start
# Start searchd, like this `/usr/bin/sphinx-searchd --pidfile --config /doc_share/config/development.sphinx.conf`

If foreman error, to run killall ruby and rerun foreman start

> killall ruby
> killall sphinx-searchd

To view resque web application

> firefox

To run test

> guard

Use this user signin and test

login: vkill  or
password: 123456

##Use latest application

Enter the app directory, and run

> git pull
> bundle install
> bundle exec rake app:dev:reload
> bundle exec rake ts:index
> foreman start


Init production

> bundle exec rake app:production:init RAILS_ENV=production