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  • [Improvement] Updated Yams


  • [Improvement] Updated Yams
  • [Improvement] Removed PathKit


  • [Improvement] Nested $ARCHERY invocations will now prefer $ARCHERY_METADATA instead of parsing the Archerfile again
  • [Improvement] Modernized the Archerfile contents created by the init command


  • [Breaking] Mint will not be bundled with Archery anymore and needs to be installed manually when using legacy Arrows.
  • [Breaking] Requires Swift 5.
  • [Addition] Generate new metadata by loaders.
  • [Addition] Passes custom environment variables to all scripts and arrows: ARCHERY, ARCHERY_METADATA, ARCHERY_SCRIPT, ARCHERY_API_LEVEL, ARCHERY_LEGACY_MINT_PATH.
  • [Addition] Scripts can now be run in sequence with just an array literal do-all: [first, second, third]
  • [Improvement] vknabel/ArcheryArrow implicitly uses the new scripting API and does not require compilation anymore.
  • [Improvement] Scripts can now be run in sequence without using arrow: vknabel/ArcheryArrow
  • [Improvement] Bash scripts do not require arrow: vknabel/BashArrow anymore.
  • [Improvement] vknabel/BashArrow implicitly uses the new scripting API and does not require compilation anymore.
  • [Deprecation] The classical arrow-script type will be deprecated and will be removed in far future.

Upcoming Breaking Changes

Previously all scripts were defined as arrow: a separate Swift Package accepting specific arguments, being installed using Mint. This mechanism is now deprecated and will be replaced by plain scripts and environment variables.

Please note the arrow-shorthand syntax script-name: your/Arrow deprecated in version 0.2.1 is still available and has not been removed yet.


  • Bumped internal dependencies
  • Correctly passes interrupts
  • Shorthand arrow syntax will be migrated to vknabel/BashArrow commands

Upcoming Breaking Change

Currently when passing a named string as a script, it will be expanded as arrow: your/Arrow. The new behavior will run the provided string as a command line script as arrow: BashArrow and command: your script. Until the next breaking update, repo names will still work as previously. All strings containing exactly one /, no space and which do not start with a ., will still be treated as arrow.

    # Deprecated shorthand
    example: "vknabel/BeakArrow" # this would run the arrow
    # New behavior
    format: "swiftformat ." # this would run a `vknabel/BashArrow` command


  • Archerfile supports YAML

Archerfile supports YAML

Especially if your Archerfile contains descriptions it will get hard to read soon. As a better format we replaced JSON with YAML, which is a superset of JSON and hence won’t break your configs. As the Archerfile should not be read directly, this update won’t break arrows.


  • Improved error messages
  • Improved


  • Initial Release