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the backend of SDE's language server
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pronounced: [source kite] 😄

SDE's language server's backend which is written in Swift. You need to build this tool if you want to use SDE.

Swift version sourcekite version
5 0.6.0
4 and 5 0.5.0
3.1 and 4 0.4.2


The easiest way to install sourcekite is through Mint:

$ mint install vknabel/sourcekite
🌱 Cloning sourcekite master
🌱 Resolving package
🌱 Building package
🌱 Installed sourcekite master
🌱 Linked sourcekite master to /usr/local/bin


$ git clone
$ cd sourcekite

clone this project, then run build command in that project as follow:

for Linux

# Ensure you have libcurl4-openssl-dev installed (not pre-installed)
# $ apt-get update && apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev
# Ensure LD_LIBRARY_PATH contains /your/swift/usr/lib
# And have $ sudo ln -s /your/swift/usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
# Other PREFIX paths are fine, too
$ make install PREFIX=/usr/local

For more information see jpsim/SourceKitten#how-is-sourcekit-resolved.

for MacOS

$ make install PREFIX=/usr/local

Finally set "swift.path.sourcekite" in vscode to let SDE know the location of this tool. It recommends to add this setting to the gloabl via "File" -> "Preferences" -> "Settings". Like:

    "swift.path.sourcekite": "/usr/local/bin/sourcekite"


file an issues if you have problem.


Apache License v2.

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