This project provide a quick and easy-to-use WPF framework - still in progress
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First of all this is a work in progress

This project provide a quick and easy-to-use WPF framework separated into two sub-frameworks: FoundationData and FoundationWPF

Main Features

  • The Data framework implements a generic Repository<TEntity> that provide standard methods to access and persist POCO form the Entity Framework
  • Two levels of navigation (with the possiblilty to implement more)
    • Described by the NavigAttribute
    • Uses dependency injection via Ninject
  • Instant and automatic ViewModel creation and ViewModelCollection right from the Repository<TEntity>
  • Possibility to have the ViewModels implementing IPreLoadable to enable asynchronous loading
  • Each ViewModel is represented by a ViewModelProxy<TEntity> which exposes a BindingData property to bind to
    • BindingData contains all the entity properties as well as the new ones defined in the ViewModel class that inherits from ViewModelProxy<TEntity>
  • The MVVM Framework used here is MVVM Light Toolkit


Simplest possible ViewModel

All ViewModelProxy<> exposes the all proxied properties through BindingData.

class PersonViewModel : ViewModelProxy<Person> {
   public PersonViewModel(Person p) : base(p) {

A Collection ViewModel to display a list of person and their details, with navigation Humans -> Person

Every ViewModelCollection exposes a public member CollectionView.

[Navig("Humans", "Person")]
class PersonCollectionViewModel : ViewModelCollection<Person, PersonViewModel> {

Usage in the view

Access a simple property:

<(...) Text="{Binding BindingData.Lastname}" />

Access a simple through the collection:

<(...) Text="{Binding CollectionView/BindingData.Lastname}" />

Bind to the collection:

<(...) ItemsSource="{Binding CollectionView}" />

More samples will come ;)