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Releases: vkohaupt/vokoscreenNG

Feature and Bugfix-Release 3.4.0 from Oct 01, 2022

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GUI: New Checkbox created in CSS
GUI: New Radiobutton created in CSS
GUI: Slider completely rebuilt in CSS and bug fixed
GUI: All QMessage icons replaced with custom icons
Log: User friendly GStreamer debugging to a file
QvkRegionChoise: Removed QX11Info stuff
QvkWinInfo: Class QX11Info replaced
Halo: Changed from a small window to a transparent full screen
GUI: Add dialog if no codec found
Log: Removed email report
Magnifier: Rebuilt from scratch for multiscreen
Windows: Screens detected by name instead of index
Camera: Busy window redesigned
Camera: New feature circle
Camera: New feature ellipse
GUI: Icons in sidebar changed from 72x72 to 40x40
Log: Version query, fprintf output replaced by qDebug
GUI: German "STRG" key and space before "Start / Stop"
GUI: PushButton folder opens the video or the picture folder, depending on the last action
Snapshot: Added as new feature
GUI: Better integration whether video folder exists and has write permissions
Systray: In the Flatpak it is not closed
Translation: Updated

Feature and Bugfix-Release 3.3.0 from Jul 01, 2022

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GUI: Added dialog if have no write access
Log: Add install path
GUI: ShowClick insert in a tab
ShowClick: If switched on under Gnome, the vokoscreenNG window is not closed
ShowClick: If switched on under Gnome, no folder is opened in file manager by double-clicking
Log: From now on only the fixed style "Fusion" will be shown
Halo: Inner circle slider moved to second place
Systray-Alternative: Show shortcut in menu
Systray-Alternative: Camera, Magnifier, Showclick and Halo added to the menu
Desktop: The path was stored absolutely in the desktop file
Installer-Linux: An old installed version no longer needs to be uninstalled
Log: Detects when Windows is running in a virtual environment
Systray: Show shortcut in menu. Only if the desktop supports it
GUI: New icons, start-, stop-, pause.png
Camera: New feature zoom
Camera: New feature stepless resizing
Camera: New feature move frameless window
Area: New mouse pointers
Translation: updated

Feature and Bugfix-Release 3.2.0 from Apr 01, 2022

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DirectSound: Information if no devices were found
WASAPI: Information if no devices were found
Halo: Set new hole value
Openh264: If network does not exist, the sidebar is not displayed
Pulseaudio: Third party software loses keyboard focus
Shortcuts: Did not work correctly, STRG changed to CTRL
Windows: Changed GStreamer to 1.20.0
Log: File name adjusted
Player: Showed filename and path in the title bar instead of just the filename
Log: New code to write in file
Log: Detects when Linux is running in a virtual environment
Log: Added timestamp
Player: File open dialog lost path when reopened
Pulseaudio: Better sound recording when multiple recording devices are selected
Pulseaudio: Added readable device name to volume control
Pulseaudio: Message in audio tab if no Pulseaudio server found
Translation: updated
SRC: Mail address changed in all files

Release 3.1.0 from Dec 31, 2021

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Windows: Usr-share-local-icon folder removed from the installer
Cisco: Progress indicator added to the download dialog
GUI: The Help button has been removed from the title bar of the Player, VideoPath and Cisco-License dialog
Cisco: Added a close button to the licence dialog box
Translation: Added Esperanto, Danish, Vietnamese
Videopath: Change system-filedialog to Qt-filedialog
Player: Change system-filedialog to Qt-filedialog
GUI: Download link changed
Log: Kernel version added
GUI: Fusion is now the style for all operating systems
GUI: vokoscreenNG create his own images from all tabs
Information: Display audio codec set or not set
Camera: Removed workaround for a Qt bug
Systray: Camera, Magnifier, Showclick and Halo added to the menu
GUI: Global keyboard shortcuts can be changed
Magnifier: Added tooltip for global shortcut
Camera Linux: The camera window is now also displayed over a full screen window
Camera: Settings dialog out side from screen
Windows: Changed Qt to 5.15.2
Windows: Changed GStreamer to 1.18.5
Windows: Change to 64-bit, the 32 bit version has been discontinued
Windows: Change Qt-Installer-Framework from 4.0.1 to 4.2.0
Qt: Required >= 5.14
GUI: New sidebar
Systray-Alternative: Better look without compositer
Systray-Alternative: Version information added in menu
Systray-Alternative: Hide from taskbar
Systray: Change from system-icons to own icons
Countdown: Better look without compositer
Countdown: Hide from taskbar
License dialog: Close button added
Countdown: Added cancel button
Systray-Alternative: Change from system-icons to own icons
Recording window: Better integration "mouse over activates window"
Camera: Combobox resolution was not deactivated if no camera was found
Audio: Better hint if no audio recording device was found
Area: Mouse pointers now look the same on all operating systems
Wayland: Experimental support
Log: Added QLoggingCategory::defaultCategory, fault in Fedora 34
GUI: Class for icons deleted
Systray: Version information added in menu
Mouse: New feature halo
Mouse: New feature showclick
GUI: All icons revised in tabs

Bugfix-Release 3.0.9 from Mai 26, 2021

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openh264: Renamed to H.264
VP8: Add slider for quality
Settings: Video and audio codec were not set correctly from the settings.
Wayland: Add wayland-client.h
Onlinehelp: Tmp dir was not removed
GUI: The on/off switch for the systray was not deactivated during the recording.
Gui: Restore window, after it has been minimized.
Screen Manager: Small changes.
GUI: All dropdown combo boxes no longer show the content shortened if the content is too long.
Area: Selected button is better highlighted.
Log: Information about Pulseaudio version.
openh264: Set usage-type from screen to camera. Remove num-slices and max-slice-size.
Camera: When enlarging the camera window, with a small camera resolution, now a better picture.
GUI: Always started at position 0.0
Audio: Remove AAC, legally disputed license.
Area: At the end of the recording, the buttons is displayed in the frame.
Countdown: Appears now on the same screen as the area.
VAAPI: Remove support. Reason: Package discrepancy between the many Linux distributions.
Wayland: Under wayland the GUI is now hide. It comes only a dialog this says, wayland is not supported.
Windows: Remove video codec x264, legally disputed license.
Windows: Automatic download of the openh264 codec from cisco.
Windows: Incorrect capture if second screen is the primary screen.