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**************************** ImgurUploader v1.0 *******************************

:: Contents ::

* Introduction
* Features
    - Limitation
    - API key
* Usage

=   Introduction   =

ImgurUploader is a desktop statusicon application for a simple task - to upload
images to Imgur using the Anonymous API of the imgur service, extending it with
a Logger for your uploaded images.

=      Features     =

The main features are as exptected:
- A status icon for easy access to the application
- Info Dialog - showing you the important links about the uploaded image
- Taking a screenshot of the whole screen
- Drag'n'drop images to the main window
- Database - stores the informatin about the uploaded image for later use

    = Limitations =
    The only limitation about the application is the 50 uploads per hour. That's
    because limits the request for the Anonymous API to 500 credits, 
    and ImgurUp doesn't support OAuth or the more extended service of Imgur. The
    last is also not planned for the feature, since Imgur attempts to be as 
    simple as possible.
    = API key =
    To use this application you will need an API Key. You can obtain one at the
    following webaddress:
    You will have to provide the following information:
        1. First Name
        2. Last Name
        3. Email
        4. Simple Application description
    Next to make ImgurUp use your own API Key start the application and click 
    with the right mouse button on the Status icon of ImgurUp, select the option
    API Key and in the opened Dialog paste your API Key. The Key will be stored
    in the imgurup database. After that you must restart the application so the
    changes can take effect. 
    That's it. 
=       Usage       =

The application is simple to use, but since I have to write the README, here some

- Uploading:
    To upload an image file use the filechooser button to point to the file
    The title will be autogenerated, if you don't like it, you can change it
    Pressing the Upload button does all the magic
- The Log viewer
    The Log dialog display some information about the already uploaded images:
        Imgur page to the image; Title of the image; Delete URL
    Double clicking on a row opens the tags page of your image, so you can access
        other formats for sharing your image
    Clicking on the Delete button deleats the selected image from Imgur and your