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A JavaScript library to ease automated iOS UI testing with UIAutomation and Instruments.
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Tune-up is a collection of JavaScript utilities that builds upon and improves the UIAutomation library provided by Apple for testing iOS applications via Instruments (get it? "tune-up"? Instruments? get it?).

While the JavaScript library provided by Apple is fairly complete and robust, it is a bit wordy and repetitive at times. This project aims to reduce as much pain as possible when writing UI tests by enhancing the existing API. It also provides some basic structure for your tests in a manner familiar to most testers.

For the latest documentation visit


Javascript style should conform to with the following settings:

  • Indent with 2 spaces (drop down)
  • Allow 5 newlines between tokens (drop down)
  • Do not wrap lines (drop down)
  • End braces on own line (drop down)
  • HTML formatting at Add one indent level (drop down)
  • Only the following checkboxes set
    • "Detect packers and obfuscaters?"
    • "Space before conditional..."
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