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Cointed Token (CTD) and Token Sale

General Overview

Token Name Cointed Token (CTD)
Decimals 18
Smallest Unit (Atom) 1e-18 CTD
Token Amount Up to 650,000,000 CTDs (#1)
Token Price Fixed to 1000-1150 CTDs/ETH (#3)
Percentage for sale 100%
Minimum Token Purchase 1 Wei
Maximum Token Purchase No Limit
Minimum Funding Goal None
Refund Yes (#5)
Owner Rewards Yes (#3)
Extra Features Pausable, Upgradable, Owner Limits . . . (#6)

1. Token Amount

The maximum token amount is 650 million CTDs. Tokens are minted during the crowdsale and the total supply is fixed at the end of the crowdsale so that the maximum token amount might not be reached. In case the maximum number should be reached, the crowdsale allows for up to 1,514 atoms to be created due to arithmetic imprecisions.

2. ICO Phases

The token sale goes through the following phases:

  1. Before the ICO: Allows the owner to perform contract setup
  2. Pre-ICO A: Phase with 15% bonus
  3. Pre-ICO B: Optional phase with 10% bonus
  4. ICO: Regular ICO Phase
  5. After the ICO: All payments are refunded (#5)

Figure 1

The phase transitions are displayed in Figure 1. They can either happen due to elapsed time or as a certain number of tokens has been purchased.

3. Phase change rewards

There are special phase change rewards.

  • The first token buyer during the Pre-ICO A phase receives 0.1 ETH
  • If the Pre-ICO A phase sells out, the final token buyer receives 0.1 ETH
  • If the ICO phase is entered, the first token buyer receives 0.2 ETH
  • If the Pre-ICO B phase or the crowdsale is sold out, the last token buyer receives 0.5 ETH

These rewards have to be claimed in the same way as refunds (#5).

4. Token Prices:

The token buyer receives the following amount of tokens in the phases per ETH:

Phase Token Buyer Owner Bounty
Pre-ICO A 1150 304 61
Pre-ICO B 1100 292 58
ICO 1000 263 52

As the table shows, with each token purchase additional tokens are minted for the owner and the bounty account.

5. Refund Options

Refunds can occur in the following situations:

  • A token purchase at the end of a phase might get partially refunded for those funds which exceed the phase limit. ⇒ Partial Refund
  • A token purchase after the ICO completion. ⇒ Full Refund

As the contract has no minimum funding goal, no token purchases can be refunded.

Refunds are not directly send back, but must be withdrawn using the withdraw function.

Token buyers are notified of a pending withdrawal with the Withdrawal event.

These refunds cannot be accessed by the owner for 30 days after the completion of the ICO. Afterwards, the owner can withdraw unclaimed refunds using the returnWei function.

6. Extra Features


The owner has the power to pause the token sale and/or circulation once for the duration of two weeks. During this time no token transfers, token purchases or refunds can be made.


The owner can propose a token upgrade to a new token version. This can happen at any time.

Individual token owners can accept the upgrade by calling the upgrade function.

Owner Limits

The contract limits the owner’s power during the ICO. During the ICO the contract owner cannot transfer any tokens.

Safe Defaults

Should the owner fail to perform a proper setup before the start of the token sale, then the contract will automatically assign its owner to critical functions.

Check sums and contract address

Source code files
$ sha256sum contracts/*.sol
0bdda1e95de6e0a591e94445f68b50a03bf929fd178ad9e28debe2b46119d15d CtdToken.sol
f3c312a90c3b4d2c4b19d50c171b54917f083f8d0ae446206dd64233600627dc InterfaceUpgradeAgent.sol
20458a1a20f5c9b6e03b1d217edae935beff9ae82555074a50abfe86c790b85b PausableOnce.sol
3e5bb94ddd5f24abbf854df1d4876561369ffef089042b7be0656464d278b5aa UpgradableToken.sol
3fa42f60fe031c0c7f7d7765d2a1774ff381fe52bff25ed8a96436284c5848a7 Withdrawable.sol

Flatten contract
$ sha256sum build/flatten/CtdToken.sol
522affa5988ad76a095be28042af344838f9ba616c270ae7c1f9767df1534618 build/flatten/CtdToken.sol
# Swarm Source: bzzr://94b10c2a6e6e4ebe96606e48a7611d3da6e223636638da8e85b7391ebe26f52e

Main Net* 0x230c2a140e758087f7107dd31943c5c03b819e55


Bug Bounty Program (finished)

Results of the Cointed Token (CTD) Bug Bounty Program can be found here.

Thank you for contributing.

Setup & Test

Please refer to doc/


Smart-contracts for Cointed Token and Token Sale




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