Sublime Text 2 Package for Kotlin Programming Language
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Kotlin Sublime Text 2 Package

This is Sublime Text 2 package for Kotlin programming language.

Kotlin Sublime Text 2 Package Screenshoot


The following modules already implemented:

  • Kotlin Syntax Defenition Kotlin.tmLanguage



There are three ways to install Kotlin Sublime Package:

  • Using archived package (kotlin.sublime-package)
  • Using version control system (GitHub)
  • Using raw files (Kotlin.tmLanguage) from repository tree

There is an instruction with detailed steps for any type of installation.


If you want to contribute to this project, first of all you need to download the latest version of AAAPackageDev - useful tool for Sublime Text Packages developing. Then you can follow the tutorials:

There is also a full documentation of Sublime Text extending.

The best way to contribute is to send pull-requests though GitHub interface.


by Vladimir Kostyukov, 2017