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Pen Editor

pen editor - screenshot

1. installation

1.1 init with id attribute

var editor = new Pen('#editor');

1.2 init with an element

var editor = new Pen(document.getElementById('editor'));

1.3 init with options

var options = {
  editor: document.body, // {DOM Element} [required]
  class: 'pen', // {String} class of the editor,
  debug: false, // {Boolean} false by default
  textarea: '<textarea name="content"></textarea>', // fallback for old browsers
  list: ['bold', 'italic', 'underline'] // editor menu list

var editor = new Pen(options);

2. configure

The following object sets up the default settings of Pen:

defaults = {
  class: 'pen',
  debug: false,
  textarea: '<textarea name="content"></textarea>',
  list: [
    'blockquote', 'h2', 'h3', 'p', 'insertorderedlist', 'insertunorderedlist',
    'indent', 'outdent', 'bold', 'italic', 'underline', 'createlink'
  stay: true

If you want to customize the toolbar to fit your own project, you can instanciate Pen constructor with an options object like #1.3: init with options:

2.1 Fallback for old browser

You can set defaults.textarea to a piece of HTML string, by default, it's <textarea name="content"></textarea>。This will be set as innerHTML of your #editor.

2.2 Change the editor class

Pen will add .pen to your editor by default, if you want to change the class, make sure to replace the class name pen to your own in src/pen.css.

2.3 Enable debug mode

If options.debug is set to true, Pen will output logs to the Console of your browser.


2.4 Customize the toolbar

You can set options.list to an Array, add the following strings to make your own:

  • blockquote, h2, h3, p, pre: create a tag as its literal meaning
  • insertorderedlist: create an ol>li list
  • insertunorderedlist: create a ul>li list
  • indent: indent list / blockquote block
  • outdent: outdent list / blockquote block
  • bold: wrap the text selection in a b tag
  • italic: wrap the text selection in an i tag
  • underline: wrap the text selection in a u tag
  • createlink: insert link to the text selection
  • inserthorizontalrule: insert a hr tag

2.5 Prevent unsafe page redirect

By default, Pen will prevent unsafe page redirect when editing, to shut down it, specific options.stay to false.

3. markdown syntax support

3.1 install

The syntax covertor will be enabled automaticly by link markdown.js after `pen.js:

<script src="src/pen.js"></script>
<script src="src/markdown.js"></script>

3.2 usage

To use it, you can type action cmd + space key at a line start. like:

### This will create a h3 tag

The following cmds are allowed:

  • Headings: type 1~6 # at the line start
  • Unordered List: type - or *
  • Ordered List: type 1.
  • Code block: type ```
  • Block Quote: type >
  • Horizontal Rule: more than 3 -, *, . will create a <hr />, like ......

4. license

Licensed under MIT.