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Amion is a physician scheduling service. They offer a programming interface that allows you to get a group's schedule in CSV format.

This module parses that CSV format and returns a list of physicians working on a certain day, with data about how many days in a row they've worked and how many days in a row they're scheduled to work.

How to use it

Call the get_one_day_from_amion function, passing it an Amion group password. It will return an array of hashes. Each hash will be one physician on the schedule with values for :name, :shift, :service, :day, and :stretch. Day and stretch will only be calculated for physicians doing day shifts. For all others, they will be zero.

vinod:~/dev/amion_schedule$ irb
irb(main):001:0> require './amion_schedule.rb'
=> true
irb(main):003:0> get_one_day_from_amion("YourAmionPassword")
[{:name=>"Molitor", :shift=>"Day Shift", :service=>"5-1", :day=>7, :stretch=>8},
 {:name=>"Yount", :shift=>"Day Shift", :service=>"5-1", :day=>4, :stretch=>5},
 {:name=>"Cooper", :shift=>"Day Shift", :service=>"5-2", :day=>5, :stretch=>9},
 {:name=>"Thomas", :shift=>"Day Shift", :service=>"5-2", :day=>3, :stretch=>5},
 {:name=>"Ogilvie", :shift=>"Day Shift", :service=>"5-3", :day=>6, :stretch=>6},
 {:name=>"Simmons", :shift=>"Day Shift", :service=>"5-3", :day=>1, :stretch=>4},
 {:name=>"Moore", :shift=>"Flex", :service=>nil, :day=>0, :stretch=>0},
 {:name=>"Gantner", :shift=>"12-9", :service=>nil, :day=>0, :stretch=>0},
 {:name=>"Howell", :shift=>"Evening", :service=>nil, :day=>0, :stretch=>0},
 {:name=>"Sutton", :shift=>"Night", :service=>nil, :day=>0, :stretch=>0},
 {:name=>"Fingers", :shift=>"Night", :service=>nil, :day=>0, :stretch=>0}]