Django app to display investment performance
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Main goal

I'm using this to learn Django.

Ultimate goal

Be able to take info from my ledger file and provide performance information that can be slided and diced in many ways

Freeform notes

It will be important to be able to tag transactions to see how transactions with different tags compare in performance. (e.g. index-based investing versus stock-picking etc). But, we'll have to decide how to deal with cash in those situations.

So individual transactions can't really be tagged like that. It has to be accounts which are tagged since accounts include both cash and positions.

Maybe we can make those virtual accounts in some way. OK, that will have to be decided later...

First step goal

Keep track of my stock transactions and give me simple reports about their performance. Are they up or down and by how many percentage points?

Datamodel (first stab)


  • user_id (assuming I have some user registration)
  • name
  • taxable? (boolean)


  • symbol
  • name
  • type (stock/MF/ETF)
  • exchange


  • timestamp
  • action (BUY/SELL/DIV/INT/SS)
  • security FK
  • account FK
  • shares
  • price
  • commission

Closing Prices

  • security FK
  • timestamp
  • price