Interactive shell for CMS experiment
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Interactive shell for CMS experiment,

The cmssh shell is written in IPython. So by definition it requires
python (version 2.6 and above), IPython, as well as GRID middleware tools
(Globus, SRM Client). All tools (except python) are installed via script for your convenience.

Download script and use it for install purpose. See --help
for more instructions.

Upon installation you will get a link to cmssh script. Just run it, e.g.

# <path>/soft/bin/cmssh

Welcome to cmssh, master@2012-11-14 19:28:25 GMT
Loading dependencies:................. DONE

cmssh+pylab Python environment [backend: MacOSX].

Available cmssh commands:
find         search CMS meta-data (query DBS/Phedex/SiteDB)
dbs_instance show/set DBS instance, default is DBS global instance
mkdir/rmdir  mkdir/rmdir command, e.g. mkdir /path/foo or rmdir T3_US_Cornell:/store/user/foo
ls           list file/LFN, e.g. ls local.file or ls /store/user/file.root
rm           remove file/LFN, e.g. rm local.file or rm T3_US_Cornell:/store/user/file.root
cp           copy file/LFN, e.g. cp local.file or cp /store/user/file.root .
info         provides detailed info about given CMS entity, e.g. info run=160915
das          query DAS service
das_json     query DAS and return data in JSON format
jobs         status of job queue or CMS jobs
read         read URL/local file content
root         invoke ROOT
du           display disk usage for given site, e.g. du T3_US_Cornell

Available CMSSW commands (once you install any CMSSW release):
releases     list available CMSSW releases, accepts <list|all> args
install      install CMSSW release, e.g. install CMSSW_5_0_0
cmsrel       switch to given CMSSW release and setup its environment
arch         show or switch to given CMSSW architecture, accept <list|all> args
scram        CMSSW scram command
cmsRun       cmsRun command for release in question

Available GRID commands: <cmd> either grid or voms
vomsinit     setup your proxy (aka voms-proxy-init)
vomsinfo     show your proxy info (aka voms-proxy-info)

Query results are accessible via results() function, e.g.
   find dataset=/*Zee*
   for r in results(): print r, type(r)

List cmssh commands    : commands
cmssh command help     : cmshelp <command>
Install python software: pip <search|(un)install> <package>


cmssh is distributed as a part of CMS experiment software. Please consult
CMS experiment page for more information. The GRID middleware tools are
covered by their own individual licenses, please see licenses directory.