Simple web interface (server) to monitor MongoDB activity and create set of standard plots (a la awstat)
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The mongo_monitor helps developers/admins to monitor MongoDB activity
via web interface. The idea is insipred by awstat, mongostat, protovis tools. 
All interface is written in Python and depends on python, pymongo driver, 
CherryPy (python web framework) and protovis ( 
JavaScript graphics library.


Install CherryPy on your system. Download python script, 
make it executable, e.g. chmod +x Download protovis library 
and place it into the same directory as or
define JSPATH in your environment pointing to location of protovis library, e.g. 
export JSPATH=/path/protovis-3.2

The tool is licensed under GPL license.

This step is very simple, just run ./
You can provide optional --uri parameter to specify the location of your MongoDB. For
more options see ./ --help

Please note, the tool will create mongodb.stats collection in your MongoDB and
will accumulate statistics over there (we suppose you will run this tool
for some time). The statistics information is generated by 
db.command( { "serverStatus" : 1 } ). The data will be
plotted on web UI by protovis library.