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How many times you created a python project, if your answer is plenty, then
you probably tired to create desired infrastructre over and over.
So pypc (Python Project Creator) is a way to go. It creates
full directory structure, including test suit, docs and project python for your convenience. You only need to fill out the project
with your code.


Usage: [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p PACKAGE, --package=PACKAGE
                        specify package name
  -a AUTHOR, --author=AUTHOR
                        specify author name
  -v VERSION, --version=VERSION
                        specify initial version name/number


./ -p TestPackage -a FirstLastName
Sphinx is detected, will generate docs
sphinx-apidoc -F -H TestPackage -A FirstLastName -V development -o sphinx /Users/vk/Work/Python/GIT/pypc/TestPackage
Creating file sphinx/
Creating file sphinx/index.rst.
Creating file sphinx/Makefile.
Creating file sphinx/make.bat.
Created TestPackage directory structure
Created TestPackage/

Your package structure has been created
Package : TestPackage
Author  : FirstLastName
Version : development

Here is a list of usefull commands:

To build     : python build
To install   : python install --prefix=<some dir>
To clean     : python clean
To build doc : python doc
To run tests : python test

output of tree command:

├── bin
├── doc
│   └── sphinx
│       ├── Makefile
│       ├── _build
│       ├── _static
│       ├── _templates
│       ├──
│       ├── index.rst
│       └── make.bat
├── etc
├── src
│   └── python
│       └── TestPackage
│           └──
└── tests