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Crypto-currency arbitrager that could
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Bot was a crypto-currency arbitrager that could talk to several exchanges including Bitfinex and GDAX.

Gets brownie points for:

  • using Clojure Spec to parse and validate protocol messages,
  • being fully asynchronous with aleph and core.async talking over websocket,
  • accounting for typical fees (but not slippage, no market microstructure!) and reporting only arb above the declared profit threshold,
  • leaning heavily on protocols and multi-methods, so could be quite extensible in capable hands.

Warning the whole thing was written to prove a point. I’m releasing it cause I just don’t have any use for it atm. I’m quite unlikely to support the development unless paid generously.


Afraid you’ll have to figure that one out. deps.edn was just getting released and the whole Clojure ecosystem was a mess (don’t even get me started on the project.clj nonsense). I just took deps.edn for a test drive and had to hack a bunch of Emacs Lisp to make it work with Emacs. It’s all fuzzy now.

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