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Welcome to the bCNC wiki!

bCNC screenshot


Most of the documentation here is shown using screen captures from bCNC version 0.5.
From version 0.6 a new interface has been introduced, with a lot of new features and a complete restyle, but which still needs to be documented. Nevertheless all commands and concepts presented here are available in the new version, maybe in a different place or form.


Supporting the program

There are several ways to support the program.

  • Donations
  • Bug reporting: The code is quite stable, however there should be plenty of bugs. Please try to be concise and provide all necessary material/files/information to reproduce the bug.
  • Documentation: This is of primary importance to keep the wiki up to date and synchronized with the code. Any help is appreciated, simple typo corrections, better or up to date screen shots, better explanations, tutorials, like to video-tutorials on youtube etc.
  • Translations: Translating the program to other languages. Look at the tutorial on How to contribute a translation to your own language
  • Plugins: There is a powerful mechanism to create custom plugins for generating or manipulating the gcode. If you develop something that can be of general interest please send it to the author to include in the program
  • Code development: Any help from code writing, ideas, constructive criticism,... in the code development is more than welcome.
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