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Plugins: Spirograph

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Spirograph is an old toy that reproduce a special set of mathematical curves called hypotrochoids and epitrochoids. More on this on Wikipedia.
This plugin only needs few inputs:

  • External Radius
  • Internal Radius
  • Offset Radius
  • Target Depth

Different from real plastic toy, you can even try negative radius. Hard to immagine but fun to try.
All values are expressed in the units you are using(mm/inch)
Once data are imputed, you can hit the execute button. Then it'll reproduce a completed curve, self calculating the required numbers of spins to complete the modulo of the path.

bCNC Plugins Spirograph 1

Stock material defined in the material database will provide the used Work Feed, Plunge Feed, Safety Z height and Depth Increment.
If Target Depth can't be reach by End Mill in one pass, it'll create more passes.


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