Clean virus from Ubiquiti devices running old firmware
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This app helps with removing MF virus attacking some Ubiquiti devices with obsolete firmware version.

Only the APK package is currently updated. Source code is now obsolete and I won't update it (I don't want to disclose virus removal procedure to virus authors).

How to start?

* Enter IP addresses of your Ubiquiti devices with username and password (form "ip,username,password", one ip per line)
* You can specify additional pair of login credentials. The app will try alternative login pairs if original login credentials fail. You can leave it empty.
* If you want to run app in passive mode (no action), uncheck both checkboxes.
* If you want to just remove virus without firmware upgrade, you can check only "Remove virus" checkbox
* If you want to just remove virus and run firmware upgrade, check both checkboxes

Tested devices

* Airmax M
* App will probably work on Airmax AC, Airgateway, Airfiber, ToughSwitch models but it hasn't been tested yet.