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  • Install make.

  • Install golang and set GOROOT and GOPATH correctly.

  • If not on linux/amd64, go needs to be able to cross-compile for linux/amd64. (On Mac you can achieve this by installing go with this command: brew install go --with-cc-common).

  • Install protoc from (eg Put protoc in your PATH somewhere.

  • go get -u

  • go get -u

  • In leveros dir: godep restore ./...

  • Install docker and docker-compose.

  • Optional (for multi-node testing), install VirtualBox and docker-machine.

  • Check that everything works with make run and (in a different terminal) make systest.

  • If something is broken, please open a GitHub issue.


Committed code must pass golint, go vet, gofmt and go test. Running make test will check all of these. Also, no more than 80 characters per line, please.

If your editor does not automatically call gofmt, make fmt will format all go files for you.

Running the system tests is also recommended. To run them use make run and (in a different terminal) make systest.

Misc recipes

To install Go dependencies

  • go get
  • godep restore ./...

To add new dependencies

  • go get <new-dependency>
  • import from code
  • godep save ./...

To update dependencies

  • go get -u <dependecy>
  • godep update ./...
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