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Intended as an RPG, became a "letter" game
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Primitive, but working, RPG

You are the letter p in the country Letterland. Your goal is to collect the rest of the alphabet to be able to defeat the boss.



For many years had the alphabet been under the ruling of the humans. Since the creation of the letters, they have been manipulated by the humans to fulfill their visions of how letters should act and behave. Living as slaves, the letter had never been able to express themselves. As time passed by the letters anger towards the humans grew, and a revolution towards the humans who had long oppressed the letters began. The letters managed to break free and created their own reign, but what the letters never expected was that the leader of the revolution, B, was corrupt, imprisoning whoever dared to stand against B’s own thoughts of how the letters should behave.

It is up to you, the lonely letter p to find and free your friends by defeating the evil tyrant “Boss B

Typos are intended

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