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Program configuration files are managed by GNU Stow.

Supports x86_64/ARM64 vaiants of GNU Linux & macOS.


Install and set everything up, run:

mkdir $HOME/.config \
&& git clone $HOME/.config/dotfiles \
&& make stow install

# Reload Zsh process
exec zsh -l

Makefile targets

Target Descripton
brew-bundle Install programs defined in brewfile
brew-install Install Homebrew
brew-uninstall Uninstall Homebrew
build-neovim Build neovim from source
build-stow Build stow from source
chsh Set shell to ZSH
docker-build Build docker image
docker-clean Clean docker resources
docker-load Create tarball of docker image
docker-push Build and push dotfiles docker image
docker-save Create tarball of docker image
docker-shell Start shell in docker container
hammerspoon Install hammerspoon configuration
help Display all Makfile targets
install Install dotfiles
neovim Install neovim configuration
py-pip-install Install pip
py-pkgs Install python pkgs
py-update Update python packages
py-version Print python3 version
rust-install Install rust & cargo
rust-pkgs Install rust programs
safari-extensions Install 1password, vimari, grammarly safari extensions
uninstall Uninstall dotfiles
update-readme Update Make targets table in README