Plugin to create annotations / comments bubbles over any container.
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Create bubble comments over any container or page with this jQuery plugin. 

Please test before use. This doesn't work in IE6 or 7 for now.

Help is most welcomed!

== Requirements ==
jQuery (not bundled)
jQuery UI to make the bubbles draggable and resizable (not bundled)

Tested (for now) on jQuery 1.4.3 and jQuery UI 1.8.6
Browsers: Firefox 3.6, IE 8, Chrome 7, IE7 (buggy css, needs some love)

== Usage ==

You need to have a hidden div in the page that will be cloned to create the bubbles. 
The div should contain at least a textarea and a close link with class 'annotate-close'.

Then, just call annotate() on any jQuery wrapped set (block-level elements with width and height work best).
Alternatively, use $(body) if you want to be able to place annotations all over the page.

== Options ==
add: Pass an element ID here, and annotate will bind a click event that adds a new bubble in the container.
tpl: the ID of the template div
dblclick: (optional, default false) if set to true, double-clicking the container will add a new bubble at the mouse pointer.
confirmDelete: (optional, default 'Are you sure?') message to be shown when the user tries to delete a non-empty bubble. Set to false to skip the confirm.
opt_draggable: options object for jQuery.draggable. For now, see source for defaults.
opt_resizable: options object for jQuery.resizable. For now, see source for defaults.

== API ==

.annotate('add', {top:"10px",bottom:"10px"}) - adds a new bubble at the specified coordinates.

.annotate('reset') - deletes all bubbles, no confirmation.

.annotate('serialize') - returns an object containing all the bubbles and their data (text, position, dimensions, z-index)

.annotate('load', sdata) - loads and creates bubbles from a serialization. The second parameter should be the result of a .annotate('serialize') call.

See example.html for full implementation.

== TODO ==
Requires Standards-mode, in Quirks the css is buggy.
IE6 and 7 need some love.

== Version ==
0.1 - first commit