Run LibreOffice in AWS Lambda to create PDFs & convert documents
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Serverless LibreOffice

👉🏻 Read the blog post on Medium: How to Run LibreOffice in AWS Lambda for Dirty-Cheap PDFs at Scale 👈🏻

Show Me the Code

This repo contains code used to run the online demo.

├──  <-- commands used to compile LibreOffice for Lambda
├── infra       <-- terraform config to deploy example Lambda
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   └──
└── src         <-- example Lambda function node in Node.js used for website demo
    ├── handler.js
    ├── libreoffice.js
    ├── logic.js
    ├── package.json <-- put lo.tar.gz in this folder to deploy. Download it below
    └── s3.js

Compiled and ready to use archive can be downloaded under Releases section. Also check out NPM package with bundled LibreOffice for Lambda (85 MB)

How to compile by yourself

Check out a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial from 0 to deployed function.

  1. Go to Lambda Execution Environment and Available Libraries page to get the latest AMI id
  2. Click on this link to get AMI id for your region
  3. Spin up a c5.2xlarge spot instance with ~ 100 GB of storage attached
  4. Follow the steps in file in the repo


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How To Help

Reduce Cold Start Time

Currently ƛ unpacks 109 MB .tar.gz to /tmp folder which takes ~1-2 seconds on cold start.

Would be nice to create a single compressed executable to save unpack time and increase portability. I tried using Ermine packager and it works!! But unfortunately this is commercial software. Similar open-source analogue Statifier produces broken binaries.

Maybe someone has another idea how to create a single executable from a folder full of shared objects.

UPD: TODO: Check out node-packer and libsquash (no FUSE required!)

Further Size Reduction

I am not a Linux or C++ expert, so for sure I missed some easy "hacks" to reduce size of compiled LibreOffice.

Mostly I just excluded from compilation as much unrelated stuff as possible. And stripped symbols from shared objects.

Here is the list of: available RPM packages and libraries available in AWS Lambda Environment, which can be helpful.


MIT © Vlad Holubiev