🖥 Brings Progressive Web App to your desktop.
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Experimental project to convert your PWA (Progressive Web App) into a cross-platform Electron app. Brings PWAs to your desktop.


Node 4+ required.


npm install -g pwaify

Run against your PWA app

pwaify https://airhorner.com
pwaify https://voice-memos.appspot.com/ --platforms=darwin --icon chrome-touch-icon-384x384.icns

(Might require sudo at the moment if you get pref.json error).

Open the app on your platform, test and send it to your friends!

More apps at pwa.rocks. At this moment you need to convert your icons for your platform, using something like iconverticons.com/online/.


Custom platforms

Example, build only for OS X:

node bin/pwaify --platforms=darwin https://airhorner.com

Known Issues / TODO

  • sudo requirements and permission issues.
  • icons are a manual process right now.


  • 1.0.0 - First experimental release