A social developer bot, helps by grabbing information from tweets, github commits etc.
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socialhapy, the social developer irc bot.

This project is VERY hacky and the architecture is horrible due to the fact that this was a learn-to-play with node.js hands-on. There are a few things you need to know:

* It's very tightly coupled between modules
* Huge amounts of refactoring, both on code level and architectural level is needed
* The credentials needed for the different modules is pretty spread out, you
  need to find them (bitly is in socialhapy.js, twitter in modules/twitter.js, etc)

On the roadmap:
* Use a templating system
* Use the actual require()... system for socialhapy modules, remove the need for the `api` object that gets sent in everywhere
* Come up with some decoupling solution for socialhapy core and its modules
* And loads of other stuff...