Simple customizable closure-based checkbox control written on Swift
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VKCheckbox is a simple customizable closure-based checkbox control written on Swift

VKCheckbox Demo


For now you can install VKCheckbox manually only. Just add class VKCheckbox.swift folder into your project.

Example project

Example project shows how you can create both basic and custom VKCheckbox in one controller. To test it it, clone the repo and run it from the VKCheckboxExample directory.


Here is an example of custom round checkbox initialization:

// Customized checkbox
customCheckbox.line             = .thin
customCheckbox.bgColorSelected  = UIColor(red: 46/255, green: 119/255, blue: 217/255, alpha: 1)
customCheckbox.bgColor          = UIColor.gray
customCheckbox.color            = UIColor.white
customCheckbox.borderColor      = UIColor.white
customCheckbox.borderWidth      = 2
customCheckbox.cornerRadius     = customCheckbox.frame.height / 2

// Handle state update
customCheckbox.checkboxValueChangedBlock = {
	isOn in
	print("Custom checkbox is \(isOn ? "ON" : "OFF")")

Work of VKCheckbox is similliar to UISwitch. You can make it selected using next functions:

// Change state
func setOn(on: Bool)
func setOn(on: Bool, animated: Bool)

// Also you can check current state with new function
func isOn() -> Bool


Vladislav Kovalyov,


VKCheckbox is available under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more info.