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Easy to use expandable button in Swift
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VKExpandableButton is a simple and easy-to-use expandable button written in Swift. You can put any String or UIImage inside it's content and customize it as you wish.


For now you can install VKExpandableButton manually only.

  1. Add VKExpandableButton.swift class into your Swift project (or via Bridging header into Obj-C project).

  2. Add UIView in your storyboard and subclass it as VKExpandableButton or Create it manually from code.

Example project

Example project shows how you can four VKExpandableButton with different content. To test it, clone the repo and run it from the Example directory.



VKExpandableButton supports four different directions:
• Top
• Right
• Bottom
• Left


As mentioned before VKExpandableButton is easy to use. Here is a quick code example:

// Add manually VKExpandableButton with text content via code
// Direction: RIGHT (from left to right)
self.buttonRight                = VKExpandableButton(frame: CGRectMake(16, 28, 80, 44))
self.buttonRight.direction      = .Right
self.buttonRight.options        = ["Auto", "On", "Off"]
self.buttonRight.currentValue   = self.buttonRight.options[0]
self.buttonRight.optionSelectionBlock = {
	index in
	print("[Right] Did select option at index: \(index)")


This class is very flexible for customization. You can set text/selection/backgroud colors, text fonts, image insets etc. See more info in VKExpandableButton.swift file. Also you can combine both String and UIImage content in a single button.


Vladislav Kovalyov,


VKExpandableButton is available under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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