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Set ransom amount to to ether

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vladistan committed Jan 7, 2019
1 parent 61eeef9 commit ce66a6b5a9c7c163803c1853215f035c035fcf01
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@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ contract Ransom {
uint victimId; //!< The unique ID of the victim
string encKey; //!< The key (encrypted) being held ransom (needed to decrypt victim's files)
address victimAddr; //!< The account address belonging to the victim
uint constant RANSOMAMOUNT = 100 ether; //!< The ransom amount the victim must pay
uint constant RANSOMAMOUNT = 2 ether; //!< The ransom amount the victim must pay
address escrowAddr; //!< The address of the Escrow contract associated with this ransom
address registryAddr; //!< The address of the Registry contract
bool authenticated; //!< Indicates whether this contract has been authenticated with the Escrow

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