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Model entire client/server protocol of ransomware

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vladistan committed Jan 5, 2019
1 parent f541689 commit cf1c5c6717db23a89d7ef7624dce94caec5390d3
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  1. +34 −0 RunAllTests.cpp
@@ -364,6 +364,40 @@ TEST(PartialFunctions, check_clean_buffers_is_right) {


TEST(PartialFunctions, ping_pong_works_correctly) {

bnd b;
socklen_t local_addr_len;

_WORD loc_addr_ln_hx;
int cid_len;
__int16 zero_pad;
char zero_pad2;
__int64 victim_ip_hx;
char zero_pad3;
__int64 client_id_maybe_hx[8];
char zero_pad4;
__int64 sign[8];
char zero_pad5;
union CliPkt payLoad;
unsigned int saddr = 0x01020304;
char otp[7];

cid(&saddr, b.victim_id, otp);

mock().expectNCalls(2, "send");
do_ping_pong(&loc_addr_ln_hx, client_id_maybe_hx, sign, &local_addr_len, &b, &payLoad);

MEMCMP_EQUAL(mock_snd_store[0], snd_pkt_2, STD_PACKET_SIZE);
MEMCMP_EQUAL(mock_snd_store[1], snd_pkt_3, STD_PACKET_SIZE);


TEST(PartialFunctions, check_form_first_pack_to_srv_correctly) {

socklen_t local_addr_len;

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