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# This script assembles the MikeOS bootloader, kernel and programs
# with NASM, and then creates floppy and CD images (on Linux)
# Only the root user can mount the floppy disk image as a virtual
# drive (loopback mounting), in order to copy across the files
# (If you need to blank the floppy image: 'mkdosfs disk_images/mikeos.flp')
if test "`whoami`" != "root" ; then
echo "You must be logged in as root to build (for loopback mounting)"
echo "Enter 'su' or 'sudo bash' to switch to root"
if [ ! -e disk_images/mikeos.flp ]
echo ">>> Creating new MikeOS floppy image..."
mkdosfs -C disk_images/mikeos.flp 1440 || exit
echo ">>> Assembling bootloader..."
nasm -w+orphan-labels -f bin -o source/bootload/bootload.bin source/bootload/bootload.asm || exit
echo ">>> Assembling MikeOS kernel..."
cd source
nasm -w+orphan-labels -f bin -o kernel.bin kernel.asm || exit
cd ..
echo ">>> Assembling programs..."
cd programs
for i in *.asm
nasm -w+orphan-labels -f bin $i -o `basename $i .asm`.bin || exit
cd ..
echo ">>> Adding bootloader to floppy image..."
dd status=noxfer conv=notrunc if=source/bootload/bootload.bin of=disk_images/mikeos.flp || exit
echo ">>> Copying MikeOS kernel and programs..."
rm -rf tmp-loop
mkdir tmp-loop && mount -o loop -t vfat disk_images/mikeos.flp tmp-loop && cp source/kernel.bin tmp-loop/
cp programs/*.bin programs/*.bas programs/test.pcx tmp-loop
echo ">>> Unmounting loopback floppy..."
umount tmp-loop || exit
rm -rf tmp-loop
echo ">>> Creating CD-ROM ISO image..."
rm -f disk_images/mikeos.iso
mkisofs -quiet -V 'MIKEOS' -input-charset iso8859-1 -o disk_images/mikeos.iso -b mikeos.flp disk_images/ || exit
echo '>>> Done!'