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@echo off
echo Build script for Windows
echo Assembling bootloader...
cd source\bootload
nasm -f bin -o bootload.bin bootload.asm
cd ..
echo Assembling CompOS kernel...
nasm -f bin -o kernel.bin kernel.asm
echo Assembling programs...
cd ..\programs
for %%i in (*.asm) do nasm -fbin %%i
for %%i in (*.bin) do del %%i
for %%i in (*.) do ren %%i %%i.bin
cd ..
echo Adding bootsector to disk image...
cd disk_images
partcopy ..\source\bootload\bootload.bin 0 200 compos.flp 0
cd ..
echo Mounting disk image...
imdisk -a -f disk_images\compos.flp -s 1440K -m B:
echo Copying kernel and applications to disk image...
copy source\kernel.bin b:\
copy programs\*.bin b:\
copy programs\*.bas b:\
copy myfile\*.* b:\
echo Dismounting disk image...
imdisk -D -m B:
echo Done!
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