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Not to be confused with the defunct "Siri0us," the dictation-only port.
Please allow me to clarify exactly what this tweak does. If you can get your hands on authentication data from a 4S using Applidium's siriServer.rb script (at least until a 4S jailbreak), this tweak will inject it into Siri and let you use if until the data expires within 24 hours.
Sirious assumes that you ALREADY have some sort of Siri GUI installed. I won't provide any links/names, but you can figure it out.
I will NOT help any longer with getting the certificates, Ruby, required gems, etc working on your computer. That alone can take hours to do.
Here's how to do it:
1. Install Sirious.deb on your device with the Siri port.
2. Using siriServer.rb and an iPhone 4S, get the X-Ace-Host, assistantId, speechId, and validationData.
3. Open /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.n00neimp0rtant.sirious.plist.
4. Paste in aceHost, assistantId, and speechId (but NOT validationData).
5. Open convertValidationData.rb in a text editor and paste the sessionValidationData output that you got from the 4S, and save the file.
6. Run convertValidationData.rb in Terminal. It will spit out a bunch of hexidecimals.
7. Copy and paste them into the plist for validationData. If using Xcode or Property List Editor, you'll likely have to paste them between two angle brackets, < and >.
8. Save the plist back onto your phone or iPod.
Siri should work. If Siri still isn't authenticating, one of these things happened:
- The data already expired
- Something was pasted incorrectly
- You jumped the gun and directly pasted the sessionValidationData from siriServer.rb into the plist without converting it
- assistantd was running the whole time (just respring to resolve)
In the future, after a 4S jailbreak, I'm considering a solution to "tether" devices to a 4S. The 4S would install a tweak that would live-sync its auth data to Dropbox, and the client devices would pull it down, eliminating the 24-hour expiry issue. But until we get a public 4S jailbreak (since apparently I'm not special enough to be part of the secret-secrets at the moment =P), we have to do it this way.