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This will lay out a playlist onto a defined length tape so that there are no track remainders on each side. For example for a 90-min tape, if you have 3 tracks, 30 and 20 minutes long, it will only put the 30-min one on the side A and the other one will be on side B (because it wouldn't fit on A).


  1. Enter the tape length

    It is important to do this first due to a bit of a buggy behavior

  2. Add tracks with the + button, and gaps with the Gap button.

  3. Prepare the deck (Bias, Level, EQ).

  4. Start recording on side A (use the handy control panel to control the deck if desired — requires extra hardware, see PioneerCtl folder)

  5. Press "Start A"

  6. Once side A is finished, flip the tape and record the B side the same way

  7. Enjoy your music!

© vladkorotnev a.k.a. Akasaka Ryuunosuke, 2014